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50 people, 25 million, 1 decision.

And many debates that we want to initiate with "Guter Rat" (Good Council): What do we do with unequally distributed wealth? How do we change the structures of our distribution system?

The Council
Who is behind it?
The Initiator
Marlene Engelhorn
Marlene Engelhorn (31) lives and works in Vienna. Since spring 2021, she has been active in the public sphere on the issues of tax and distributional justice. In June 2021, she founded taxmenow with other wealthy people to campaign for tax justice in the D-A-CH region. In fall 2022, her book "Geld" was published by Kremayr&Scheriau. The idea of using a citizens' council for the redistribution of their wealth so that it happens democratically developed along with the public relations work. This became, step by step and as a team: the Good Council.

Guter Rat (Good Council) is independent of political parties and interest groups. It is privately financed by Marlene Engelhorn. Just like the work of the people who make Guter Rat (Good Council) possible.

The experts

The Good Council has a pool of experts from research and practice at its disposal. They will share their expertise with the Council either as speakers or, if required, in an advisory capacity. All data, facts and content will be made publicly available. The presentations will be recorded and made available as a video. The experts come from a wide variety of fields and disciplines. These include political and social sciences, economics, philosophy and philanthropy. The pool of experts is constantly being expanded and presented here on the website.

The evaluation

The Good Council process is subject to an external evaluation carried out by Daniela Ingruber. Daniela Ingruber works as a democracy and war researcher. Her work focuses on understanding democracy, participation, conspiracy legends & fake news, media ethics, peace journalism and political education. Her expertise promises a thorough and comprehensive assessment of the Good Council and its processes.

The cooperation partners
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